Speaking Engagements and Workshops

Parenting Seminars/Retreats/Workshops

In her seminars and retreats, Judith talks with parents candidly about the warning signs and red flags inherent in drug use and abuse. She challenges them to look at school attendance and performance in their children, attitudinal issues, behavior changes, friends that are new or that kids are secretive about. As a mother herself as well as a long-time teacher of teens and college students, Judith has a unique insight into the patterns of behavior and parental frustration with not knowing where their child is or what she or he is doing or doing it with. She hands parents the tools necessary to make their home a healthy environment in which to raise healthy, Godly children. Judith brings to the table her own personal experience with being raised in a Christian home, building appropriate and healthy boundaries as a young person and then falling into the abyss of addiction and destruction herself. She is a noted speaker and writer, and has a Masters degree in Counselor Education. Her thesis and subsequent research has focused on how to recognize addiction in adolescents. Her message is a powerful source of healing for families in crisis. Included in this emphasis will be Judith’s book, The Other Woman at the Well.

Adolescent and Parenting Seminars/Retreats/Workshops

Judith has the unique ability to draw her audience in, whether she is speaking to young teenagers, their parents, or their grandparents and teachers. Her story is compelling in its candor and in her willingness to roll up her sleeves and share her scars with the young people she is teaching. When she tells them stories about addiction from her own experience, they do not whisper amongst themselves, they do not reach for mints or gum, rather they sit forward and focus completely on what this healed woman of faith and miracles has to say to them. She concludes her message with a very honest question and answer session and will sign copies of her book for anyone who wishes to take home the very real and moving story from The Other Woman at the Well.

Leadership Seminars/Retreats/Workshops

Minister’s Institutes, Church Conventions, Corporate Retreats, and Church Leadership Retreats and Seminars are additional ways to use the ministry of Judith Ann Hillard and another of the ways that God continues to use her to help leaders put their priorities in order and focus on the children and young people in their midst and in their own homes.

Speaker Fees

In most situations, Judith is willing to come on an honorarium or free-will offering basis, plus expenses. There are some exceptions to this, but this is the usual arrangement. She is booked in advance, so it is best to contact her via email with any speaking inquiries.


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