Fixing The Blight Of Drug Addiction

There are few bipartisan issues in the United States, but most people agree that addiction to hard substances is a serious issue for this country. People who become addicted have a hard time functioning without a regular fix and suffer from difficult or even crippling withdrawal symptoms if they go too long without it. Sometimes, withdrawal can put the victim in a coma. It is imperative that authorities consider how to help people overcome drug and alcohol addiction.

Drug problems arise whenever people face a great deal of stress and have no practical way to deal with the dilemma. They seek a release, and drugs provide pleasure, artificial confidence, or else allow a person to escape from reality. People use drugs for the beneficial effects, but then their brain chemistry changes because of the presence of the drug. Whenever consumption of the drug stops, the brain has trouble going back to a natural state.

Imagine having a lot of brain cells that cope with too much of a chemical by making their receptors less sensitive. Once the drug is gone from the system, the receptors are too small or unresponsive to answer natural chemicals produced by the brain. In other words, the brain has a hard time working and has to adjust. This can take days or months. In the meantime, the victim has trouble focusing or even functioning.

Since long drug users tend to take higher doses and have worse withdrawal symptoms, they often need the care of a doctor in order to come down safely. The smartest thing they can do is turn themselves in. Street drugs tend to be highly potent and possibly spiked with other drugs. Professional evaluation is essential to arrive at a safe plan. Coming clean might still be painful, but at least it will be under supervision.

Alcohol can be abused as well and can also lead to dependency. Most people underestimate how powerful alcohol can be. Beer seldom leads to trouble, but distilled alcohol can quickly lead to a deep stupor or unconsciousness. People become both emotionally and physically attached to alcohol because it replaces constructive relationships.

Getting a person away from alcohol is best done with the help of friends and family. A good amount of love and emotional support can be an important part of the cure. Modern people tend to live separate from relatives and close friends, which is one reason why they use chemical substitutes.

Friends help to make the passing of time easier. Withdrawal from alcohol can still be painful, but it is easier than some other drugs. A brain that was once an alcoholic can still be vulnerable after years of staying clean.