Table of Contents

Chapter One – Life 101 (read excerpt)

Chapter Two – Background (read excerpt)

Chapter Three – My First Encounter with Grace

Chapter Four – Patrick

Chapter Five – Traveling home

Chapter Six – The Angels

Chapter Seven – Louisa May

Chapter Eight – My Return Home

Chapter Nine – Jody, the Phoenix Dealer

Chapter Ten – A Letter of Hope from my Father

Chapter Eleven – My Parents Say Good-bye to Me

Chapter Twelve – The Prodigal Daughter

Chapter Thirteen -What I Know of Insanity

Chapter Fourteen – An Attempt to Explain the Madness of Cocaine Addiction

Chapter Fifteen – A Cry in the Dark

Chapter Sixteen – The Beginning of the Miracles

Chapter Seventeen – Ruth’s visit

Chapter Eighteen – Hortense meets God

Chapter Nineteen – 62 Things Cocaine Robs You Of

Chapter Twenty – Valley Hope

Chapter Twenty-One – More Miracles

Chapter Twenty-two – One Miracle, Helen, RN

Chapter Twenty-three – Saying Good-bye

Chapter Twenty-four – Good-bye to the Queen

Chapter Twenty-five – Eric

Chapter Twenty-six – Charmaine/Patrick Revisited

Chapter Twenty-seven – Teaching again

Chapter Twenty-eight – Telling my Parents I was Pregnant

Chapter Twenty-nine – Owning up

Chapter Thirty – The Pregnancy

Chapter Thirty-one – Friends Again

Chapter Thirty-two – The Arrival of Our Miracle

Chapter Thirty-three – Still More Miracles

Chapter Thirty-four – My death

Chapter Thirty-five – The Cockroach People

Chapter Thirty-six – Helping Others

Chapter Thirty-seven – Overcoming and Peace (read excerpt)