This is a book of rejoicing, yet in times of true rejoicing, it is first necessary that one experience nearly unspeakable sorrow. This I have dared to speak; the sorrow no one should see let alone survive. It is to and for the people who love me that I wrote this book, this tale, this tragedy, and this series of miracles. Read on, and you will know how undeserving I am of any form of grace. Long ago I threw myself away and decided that if He had any sense or good taste, God would do the same. Clearly, I am not qualified to comment on His taste or sense, but I can laugh uproariously at His sense of humor. And it is His humor which has brought healing back to my life, and I pray, to the lives of those who loved me through the unlovable, unspeakable times. Many of the names have been changed to protect the identities of those involved.


Judith Ann Hillard