Sarah’s Wish

pressed in her fist were
eight shiny pennies
running as fast as she could
she paused once
to admire fruit growing bright and round
on a desert tree
that summer’s evening in arizona
the water ran clean
against a backdrop of
cobalt tile and pink adobe
her eyes
as bright as the coins
staring back at sarah
i want to make a wish, she said
toss your coins in one at a time, i told her
why? she wanted to know
and believed me when I answered,
so each wish you make comes true
climbing onto the edge
she chose the best spot
closed her eyes
and offered the fountain her first copper wish
what’d you wish for? I called to her
and she searched my face
i don’t want to say it out loud
i wondered if she wished her allergies would go away
so she could have a puppy
but right away sarah changed her mind
and took her chances
by telling me the wish anyway
i wish an orange tree would grow
at my house in colorado
and her wish made us both smile
sarah is four year’s old
i thought sarah’s wish just about the
best one I’d ever heard
Judith Ann Hillard
Spring, 1995